Business Catalyst
our all-in-one website platform
If you haven't come across Business Catalyst before, let us introduce you to our all-in-one system that provides everything you need to excel online, whether it's a corporate site or an e-commerce site, it's all done with a beautiful responsive front-end and a fully featured admin area. 

Whatever the sector, whatever your business, Business Catalyst offers a full feature set from simply managing your team page with just a couple of clicks right through to advanced e-commerce. It’s cloud based so you can access anywhere, and it’s constantly being developed to keep your business at the cutting edge. It’s a system that you can grow into, but are unlikely to grow out of.

As a leading web design agency, we've been an Adobe Business Catalyst Premium Partner since 2009, so it's safe to say we know BC inside-out and back-to-front. The scope is limitless and BC can run all the latest web technologies, complex database tasks as part of its standard repertoire, and if it doesn't, we'll build a web app that does.

All the sites shown below are live and are ones we've designed and developed in BC, just click to see for yourself how you can have a beautiful responsive site with incredible functionality.

Elegant, easy and effective

You may have prior experience of having to use several systems to get the same job done, from poorly designed CMS (Content Management Systems) to CRM and email marketing systems that don't talk to each other. So we take pride in offering a system that's elegant, easy and effective, enabling you to manage and market your own business.

All-in-One System Features

Hosting & Email

Websites are hosted on servers managed by Adobe using Amazon Web Services, an enterprise grade cloud platform that offers fast frontend sites and speedy backend administration. We can provide email accounts using your business domain for use with Apple Mail, Outlook and mobiles, and can integrate with external email providers such as Google Apps or Microsoft Exchange.


It's good to know how you're doing, so as soon as you login, you get a visual snapshot of how your business is doing. Check the hits, see the sales, know how many people have made contact or signed up to your mailing list. Plus you get a Live Feed or everything that's happening, as it happens.

Site Manager (CMS)

We build sites that you can manage, from changing copy in web pages, to adding blog posts, creating downloads and managing an online store. You can manage your business online anywhere simply by going to and you've got all the controls you need, in a beautifully designed, elegant and powerful system.

Customer Database (CRM)

Building a database of customers is critical to building the fame of your business, so our system has a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that integrates with every module in the system. So every interaction your customers have with your business is captured in the database, enabling you to see who's done what, and retain a complete record of customer details, orders, newsletter subscriptions, login details and much more.

Web Apps

If you need to create a list of items such as jobs, rental property, menus, clients, testimonials or whatever, and you want to be able to search, sort, show randomly, or alphabetically or in a particular order, and click through to a detail page showing images and copy, then web apps is the module for you. With complete flexibility we can design and develop a web app that fits the purpose, and even allow customers to submit, edit and manage their own items too. It's a database within the database, and you can import and export information in seconds making sure your app is up-to-date.


If you really want your business to start paying for itself, then set up an online store. Our system has an advanced E-Commerce module enabling you to manage catalogues, products, discount codes, gift vouchers, orders, invoicing, shipping and everything you need to run an efficient online business. Payments can be taken using Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal or Google Checkout, so however you want to get paid, we've already got it integrated.

Email Marketing

With campaign list subscriptions added to your site and mailing list tick boxes added to every web form, you're building your potential for email marketing everyday. With custom email templates created for your brand, you're set to drop in your content and fire off some emails. And with full email analytics you can sit back and watch who's opened them, what they've clicked on and manage bounces and unsubscribes automatically.


We don't like it when you're on a site and you click on the blog link and you're whisked away to another blogging site completely. But with our system the blog is fully integrated within the system and adding posts is a breeze. The system automatically creates lists of latest posts, an archive of posts, manages tags, trackback links and seamlessly integrates our own comments module or Facebook comments.


If you manage events then our events module is going to make your life a whole lot easier. You can setup events and use the system to manage capacity automatically so you know you'll never be over-subscribed. And emails are automatically sent when people sign up, and as many days before and after the event as reminders and follow-ups. It's set-and-forget event management. And comes as standard.

Web Forms

Whether you want to capture simple enquiries, or complex applications, we can create custom web forms that capture information as a case or to be directly associated with that customer's record. And with auto-responders, your customers get emailed a copy of what they have submitted, and you receive an email notification so can follow up instantly. All data can be viewed in the system or exported as spreadsheets for analysis. It's powerful, and totally integrated.

Secure Zones

Creating a secure zone allows us to require a login for customers to access certain content, so whether you want customers to login for express e-commerce checkouts (with pre-populated details), a customer service area showing their orders and support history, or a client blog for collaboration, it's ready-to-go.

Media Downloads

Upload any type of media file such as PDFs, Word docs, Spreadsheets, Music files, Video files and enable your customers to download them in a click. You can even track how many times a file has been downloaded and export a report.

Photo Galleries

Everyone likes looking through some piccies, so add a photo gallery to your pages, add some captions and watch them be displayed in an elegant lightbox so the size of your choice. All your do is upload a file of images and the system creates the thumbnails automatically. A doddle.


Use the blog or news modules to easily add updates and announcements that can be shown on any page and links users to the full article where you can add text, images and videos.


It's your business and your data, so everything can be exported for you to analyse as you need. If you love a good spreadsheet, then knock yourself out. Or maybe you like a PDF, well we've got both. Report on customers, orders, cases, e-commerce, analytics...the lot.

If you'd like to find out more about how we can help transform your business online including website design and development, online marketing, SEO, social media, digital publishing, presentations or Apps just get in touch.